Monday, August 08, 2005

Mock Trials in our Paralegal Program

We have found recently in our on campus classes that students love to engage in "mock trials". They have proved very helpful in training paralegals in their class materials.

We have taken materials for our trials from an excellent website - which is an interactive set of mock trials from the Georgetown University Street Law Clinic. They have also established a set of mock trial rules which we have adopted for our program.

We are going to do two different mock trials in our classes scheduled for Fall 2005. In our Law 11 - Civil Litigation class we will do the trial of Scott Walker v. Tanya Brewster in which Walker's five-year-old child is accidentally wounded when a gun owned by Brewster's boyfriend is fired by a 13-year-old child. The issues involved are negligent storage of a firearm and for negligent supervision of a minor child.

In our Law 19 - Property Law Class, we will do the trial of Neighbors Against AIDS Homes vs. Vickie Knight as Trustee of the John King Trust and Administrator of "Our House" . The plaintiffs claim "Our House" is operating as either a health care facility or a community-based residential facility, or both, in violation of local zoning ordinances. In addition, the plaintiffs claim that "Our House" constitutes both a private and public nuisance. The plaintiffs deny any past or present discrimination against residents of "Our House."

We will post updated materials about our "Mock Trials" this semester.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Prof. J.


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